Wednesday, October 28, 2009

YSL Mini Haul

During lunch today, I was doing a bit of a window shopping at Parkson, Pavilion and suddenly noticed a small "SALE" sign at the YSL counter. All makeup at 40% off whereas the skincare products were going for 50% (or was it 55% ?) discount. According to the SA, all the skincare are already sold out and only a selection of the cosmetics were left. I got myself 3 items - lipstick, compact powder and blusher, which I think was quite a good deal.

Blusher, Compact Powder, Lipstick

Creme de Blush

This blusher that I chose is in no. 1 (peachy tone). The cream blusher is in a glass bottle and the packaging is so classy. It actually feels like a creamy blusher when you touch it in the bottle but when you blend it on your cheeks it became powder form (am I making sense here ?) Please visit any YSL outlets in all Parkson for a swatch. I'm still admiring my purchase and can't bear the thought of using it yet. After discount this costs RM85.20.

I also purchased YSL's Palette Y Compact Powder which is a limited edition. Packaging of a product to me fetch a lot of brownie points. I fell in love with the palette immediately. I just must have it even though I still have some unused compact powder. This cost me RM120.

Palette Y Compact Powder

Lastly, I bought YSL's Rouge Pure Shine lipstick with SPF 15 in shade no. 16. Again, I'm still admiring my new makeup and just do not have the heart to use them. This is RM53.40.

Rouge Pure Shine Sheer Lipstick SPF 15

These 3 items have caused a little dent in my pocket but I can't wait to use them (but after I have finished admiring them), as these are my first YSL products.