Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Stila Lippies

I hardly use eyeshadow and blusher products, so I indulge myself with lippies, i.e. lipsticks, lip glosses, lip glaze sticks, etc. Looking at my collection, one would expect a wide variation of colours. But, I tend to buy the same shades over and over again. My favourite shades are the natural, earthy, pinkish colour. I especially love Stila lippies, so when Stila Malaysia had its closing down sales, I took the opportunity to get myself "some" lippies.

Stila Lippies

From top to bottom :
silk shimmer gloss in kitten
plumping lip glaze
   - mocha
   - pon pon gerbera
   - daiquiri
   - praline
lip polish in sheen
plumping lip glaze in citrus mint
it lip gloss
lip glaze stick
   - brown sugar
   - vanilla
   - apricot
long wear lip colour
   - exquisite
   - serenade
lip pot in amande

The 5 lipsticks I have are diane, tina, aida, pixie and serena. Hmmm, not that many huh ? Stila is my largest collection of lippies and coming in a distant second will be my Anna Sui lippies. Other than that, I have a few each from Paul & Joe and Laneige.

At first, I thought of doing a swatch of all my Stila lippies but after taking stock, I decided not to. My lips would be a disaster after the swatches. But, I can still do the ones that are requested.