Monday, October 5, 2009

My Beauty Diary Masks

Recently, I bought a few "My Beauty Diary" masks to try. My friend got them for me at a night market in Kuala Lumpur. I bought Pearl Powder, Bulgarian White Rose, Cooling, Q10 Rejuvenating, Wild Berries & Japanese Cherry Blossom Masks.

My Beauty Diary Masks

The prices range from RM10 for 4 pieces to RM10 for 3 pieces. My friend finally bought the RM10 for 3 pieces. Why did she buy the more expensive ones when she can get 4 pieces for RM10 ? According to the seller, her masks are genuines and not fakes. Huh ? they even make fake facial masks !!!! How can you tell the difference ? Apparently, there is a serial number at the bottom right on each piece of facial mask. This is the genuine one. The sellers selling the 4 pieces for RM10, theirs do not have the serial numbers.

Oops ! Wrong way

Hmm, a bit sceptical about the story, I compared this serial number thingy to the ones I bought from Guardian - RM16.90 for only 2 pieces !!! - I was desperate : ( and also some bought from Sasa, Hong Kong. You know what - both places sell the "My Beauty Diary" masks with the serial numbers. Amazing, people nowadays copy just about everything they can get their hands on, be it RM3 or RM3,000.