Monday, December 28, 2009

Some New Earrings

I've made myself some new earrings recently but the photos do not do them justice as they are very, very sparkly up close. I made them in 4 shades - black, peach, pink and purple using mainly Swarovski pearls and crystals.

Black and Purple Earrings

Purple Earrings

Black Earrings

Pink Earrings

Peach Earrings

My favourites are the black and purple ones. Did you notice that the black earrings, one is a teardrop crystal and the other is a heart crystal ? Love it !!!

MAC Nail Polish Swatch - Sheer Brizilliant

I've had this MAC nail polish - Sheer Brizilliant since the year 2004. That's more than 5 years ago ...... but it has not thickened or hardened at all and it still applies on very smoothly. So, the quality is fantastic. I love this colour as it is nude, beige like and close to my skin tone, thus it seems as if I'm not wearing any nail polish but in fact I am (sounds confusing ?!!).

A swatch of the nail polish.

MAC - Sheer Brizilliant

Well, I'll do more nail swatches soon (if I'm not too lazy : D).

Majolica Majorca Nail Polish Swatches

I have been very busy(lazy ?) lately, thus the lack of blogging. On top of the long weekend, I took 2 additional days off from work. I'm having a very relaxing and lazy holiday. I just can't imagine myself going back to work on Wednesday : (

Anyways, I did 2 Majolica Majorca nail polish swatches.



As I was doing the blue nail polish, my hubby asked what colour is it. I asked him why as he never asked me what colour whenever I do my nail polish. He said the colour freaked him out a little bit. What do you think ?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Isetan's Excellent Customer Service

Remember a couple of months back, I bought the Laneige whitening set  - White Plus Renew from Isetan, The Gardens upon their opening of Laneige counter, ......... I had some breakout after using for a few days : (
I stopped using immediately and after a few days of leaving my face free of moisturiser, the spots receded but my face felt dry and flaky. I went back to using my Shu Uemura's phyto black lift range which was really suitable for my skin type but with a very expensive price tag.

I then emailed to Isetan, The Garden's customer service on Tuesday relating my purchase, usage and then breakout. I enquired of whether a return or an exchange policy is practiced in the company. I got a response the next day from Angela of the Cosmetics and Fragrances Floor. Very, very impressed. I explained in detail to Angela what happened and she promised a response latest on Thursday from Laneige counter.

Guess what ...... Angela gave me an option of an exchange of the same value - RM100 either with the same brand or any other product of my choice : D

I've always wanted to try Laneige's Strawberry Yoghurt Peeling Gel, so I exchanged my whitening set for this. Angela reminded me that my previous value was RM100 and as this peeling gel costs RM99, I will be short of RM1. I told her her it was OK. So, for RM99 I got this whole set which consists of Strawberry yoghurt peeling gel, toner, foaming cleanser, moisturiser and the water sleeping pack.

Strawberry yoghurt peeling gel

 I'm very happy of my exchange. Kudos to both Isetan, The Gardens and Laneige for such excellent service given to their customers.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Having Fun

Have you reached the age where you do not know how to have fun ? You are being serious all the time. My conversation with my 8 year old son a few days ago :

Son : "Mummy, play with me."
Me : "Can you play on your own, I need to do the housework/rest/something."
Son : "Mummy, you always do not want to play with me. You are no fun at all."

or when we were holidaying in Penang last week, all my son wanted to do was to play in the swimming pool, but no, the taskmaster in me made him practice his swimming strokes all the time until he did not want to go into the pool. It's just that the thought of spending a couple of hundred Ringgit for his swimming lessons made me ensure that it was not money wasted.

Is it just me or are all Mummys the same ? My hubby is not like me at all (lucky for my son). He can play with him just like any 8 year old child - crazy, wild and very loud. My son treats his father like a rockstar - he idolizes him.

I just can't help being serious with him all the time - always asking have you done your school homework/tuition homework/study etc. My hubby doesn't seem to care about all these. I get very tired after finished guiding him and leave all the fun stuff to my hubby.