Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Having Fun

Have you reached the age where you do not know how to have fun ? You are being serious all the time. My conversation with my 8 year old son a few days ago :

Son : "Mummy, play with me."
Me : "Can you play on your own, I need to do the housework/rest/something."
Son : "Mummy, you always do not want to play with me. You are no fun at all."

or when we were holidaying in Penang last week, all my son wanted to do was to play in the swimming pool, but no, the taskmaster in me made him practice his swimming strokes all the time until he did not want to go into the pool. It's just that the thought of spending a couple of hundred Ringgit for his swimming lessons made me ensure that it was not money wasted.

Is it just me or are all Mummys the same ? My hubby is not like me at all (lucky for my son). He can play with him just like any 8 year old child - crazy, wild and very loud. My son treats his father like a rockstar - he idolizes him.

I just can't help being serious with him all the time - always asking have you done your school homework/tuition homework/study etc. My hubby doesn't seem to care about all these. I get very tired after finished guiding him and leave all the fun stuff to my hubby.