Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tis The Season For Hauls

I have been doing this very often - hauls, hauls and more hauls. But can you help it with all the wonderful things out on sale for the coming holiday season : D

I got myself a few things from Watson and they are really good deals.

L to R : Revlon's Opulent Pink and Vixen

I got the Revlon nail polishes at a promotion of "Buy 1 Get 1 Free". So for only RM19-00, I have 2 Revlon nail polishes. Yay !!

I also bought 2 Sally Hansen nail polishes which was at a very good discount - RM14-92 (25% off the regular price of RM19-90).

L to R : Sally Hansen's Ice Coffee and Chocolate

I have been reading rave reviews of the Majolica Majorca  products and so finally I gave in and bought an eyeshadow palette - a neutral colour suitable for daytime.


Majolica Majorca's Christmas collection - Mademoiselle Midnight collection was just released and they are now in Watson's stores. I didn't really like the 2 lip/eye palettes, maybe because the packaging comes in a very cheap looking paper or cardboard like palette. I prefer my palettes to be sturdier and prettier. I think the palette cost RM55-90 each.

Anna Sui also released their limited edition Christmas collection. I got myself a very nice mirror lip palette for RM144-00. I loooooove it a lot. It's sooooo pretty.

AND finally, I wanted to try Kanebo Blanchir skincare products, so at their previous sale I bought the travel size of toner, cleanser, moisturiser etc.

Kanebo's Skincare Set

It's not even Christmas yet and I already have a whole bunch of new things. Oh well, that's the beauty of being a woman. You buy things throughout the year irrespective of which holiday season : D