Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Kanebo International Salon Year End Sale 2009 Haul

I have been very, very bad. I did another haul again. This time it is the Kanebo haul. I will let the pictures do the talking as I'm feeling so guilty.

My First Kanebo Products

Beautiful and Classy Lunasol Packaging RM112 (NP: RM160)

Lunasol Star Shower Eyes No. 5 Close of Night Eye Shadow Palette

All new products from Coffret D'or and Lunasol were 30% off and the older products were on discount between 30% to 80%. Very good deal.

Lunasol Skin Modeling Lips EX02 Beige Orange RM76

Coffret D'or TD Eye Shadow Palette No. 1 - RM60 (NP: RM120)

T'estimo Lip Gloss (RM15) and Eye Base Primer (RM56-I think ???)

The sale at Bangsar ended today, but there is another sale coming up from 13 - 15 November 2009. Details as follow :

Click for Larger Image (Image courtesy of

A special mention to all the Kanebo International Salon's SA/MUA in Bangsar - they are all very friendly, professional and helpful. We were allowed to try the makeup before our purchase and if you cannot decide which to buy (too many but too little money), they are around to help with our decisions by applying the palettes' colours on our eyes : D

Overall, an A++ experience in a cosmetics sale.