Tuesday, September 29, 2009

In Two Minds

I received a call from my son's tuition teacher today. The reason - my son seems tired and can't seem to concentrate during class. His retention of information taught to him seems quite low, giving her a blank look most of the time. I told her could be due to the long holiday break that he just had. Today is only the 2nd day since school started. Anyway, we try not to force him to study all the time and he is a very happy boy because he is allowed to watch TV (within a reasonable limit), play, play and play and more play.

However, after the phone call, I started to doubt myself. Am I doing the right thing as to not push him (like most parents do) and allow him to be a happy and carefree child ? Don't get me wrong, he is not spoilt at all. He is a very obedient boy and will listen to us. We do not need to use the cane at all on him (don't even have a cane at home). Because of this the only time he is spoilt is when we buy loads of stuff and toys for him.

Must I follow the norm and push him to the limit so that he scores a string of A's at the age of 8 and scolds him and punish him if he does not achieve MY TARGET ? To me, he is doing quite well in school, getting marks ranging from 70s to 80s and the occasional 90s. I know it is a struggle for him as none of my family members know Chinese except for my mother but it is quite different back then as compared to now. I know of parents when asked how did their children did in school - answer : veeeery bad. Do you know their average marks ? 95, 90, 92. ????? This is bad ??? Am I setting too low an expectation ?

I really do not know........ His exams will be coming soon. I will try to do a little bit more revision with him. Am I being kiasu ?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Addiction

My addiction in making jewelry is becoming more serious. I just can't seem to stop - I'm making them day and night and also into the early morning in fact. I must check myself into a rehabilitation center and rid this addiction. I'm getting dark circles around my eyes, my skin has lost its glow, I'm looking very haggard ....... AARGHHHH !!!!!

That's it ! I'm turning in early tonight. Must catch up on my beauty sleep.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Pinkish Nail Art

Today, with plenty of time to kill, I thought I would just paint my nails. After doing a so-called "gradient" (not too successful), I proceeded to paint a few white flowers on my nails. I painted my nails using Sally Hansen's Magic as my first layer. Then I used Anna Sui's N201 (purple) to paint the top half of my nail. Using the same colour, I painted the tip of my nail. After letting dry, I then used Anna Sui's N703 (peachy orange) to paint the top half of my nail again. I used Rimmel's Nail Tip Whitener to paint my flowers and finished off with a red dot in the middle of the flowers.

Nail polishes used for my NOTD


Tadaaa!! A very simple nail art but I must still perfect my drawing of the flowers. Need more practice : )

Bought - The Longchamp Bag !!

I've finally decided to buy the Longchamp bag that I have been eyeing for a few months. I thought wth, I will deal with my credit card bills later. I really needed some major retail therapy. Here it is !!!!

I must stay at home from now onwards because my target was just the bag but I went into Isetan, The Gardens to browse around and remembered that Laneige has some great value buys to celebrate their new opening in Isetan, The Gardens. I was only the second person when I reached the counter. After paying, I went back to collect my purchase. I was shocked as there was already a long queue at their counter. I guess the deal was just too good to pass. The promotion is supposed to be from 25th Sept - 4th Oct 2009, but I have a feeling that it is until while stocks last.

Laneige is offering 3 exclusive solution kits at only RM100 each :
(1)   White Plus Renew (worth RM251)
(2)   Perfect Renew (worth RM268)
(3)   Hydra Solution (worth RM312)

Laneige Exclusive Solution Kit at RM100 each

According to the SA, since I have some pigmentation (dark spots), she recommended that I use their Whitening range - White Plus Renew.

White Plus Renew

For the 1st 50 Isetan cardholder, you will get an additional 20ml Water Sleeping Pack Plus Mask and a small mirror absolutely free.

A very cute pink makeup pouch

Small mirror

I actually wanted to get the Hydra Solution as well but the SA said that it is limited to only 1 per customer : (

After Sales Service

We often hear that some SAs give fantastic service, some so-so and others not so (lousy in fact). But all these normally happens during the time when you want to make a purchase. I am always very particular about the service I get when I am purchasing something. These are some of the characteristics of the SAs that irk and irritate me :
(1)   Being pushy
(2)   Following me around the shop practically breathing down my neck
(3)   Behaving like the SA in the movie "The Pretty Woman"

Any of the above characteristics will get me out of the shop in a jiffy.

So when I purchased from this particular SA - CY in Shu Uemura, Parkson - KLCC, the service I got was very good. He was neither (1) to (3) above. All my questions (they were many as I want my hard earned money's worth) were answered well and patiently. With my purchase I became a member of Shu Uemura which entitled me to some complimentary eyebrow trimming, makeover, lash atelier workshop and eye atelier workshop. Happy with my purchase and service I got, I proceeded to tell my friends of the product.

Today, so happened I was there, I dropped by at the counter thinking of redeeming one of the complimentary eyebrow trimming. There were 2 SAs there, one of them the SA - CY, that I purchased my products from. I approached the other SA as CY was attending to some customers. I was told to wait for CY. I thought OK as he was already at the cashier paying for the customer. When he came back, he informed me that he has an appointment that he has to go. I said OK, I can get the other SA (who is just standing around and not attending to any customer at all) to do the trimming for me. He said no, the SA that sold the products to me must be the one doing it. I went like "Huh ?" I asked what if you resigned, does this mean my complimentary trimmings and makeovers are void. He said that he will always be there and said sorry but he can't do it for me as he is rushing out.

Ok......... I then proceeded to Parkson's Customer Service and asked for the Floor Manager in charge of the cosmetics and fragrances floor. I think her name was Sharina (I'm sorry if I got it wrong). She was really helpful and understanding. She told me she did not know that Shu Uemura has such a "policy". Apparently, when she approached the other SA there, she said it was the boss' instructions. I was further informed that she will take action to ensure such matters do not occur again. She then asked me whether I wanted to do my eyebrow trimming then - I pondered........ what if out of anger the SA shaved off my eyebrows ????

Now, I'm not sure whether I want to redeem the rest of the trimmings and makeovers (in fact I have not redeem a single one).

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Jewelry Making Saga Continues

My jewelry making obsession continues......... The unhappier I am at work the more I churn out jewelry. I'm using all the unhappiness energy into something positive - jewelry making : ))

Here are some necklaces that I have made over the couple of days. Hope you like them as much as I liked making them.

Must learn to take better pictures of my jewelry. I guess it must be the lighting, I was told that I should take them under natural lighting. Well, I can't be doing so in the office.....

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Clarins Treatments

Ever since I entered into the 40's age group, I have been extremely concerned about my skincare routine. Mentally, I do not feel like I'm in my 40's, therefore physically, I do not wish to look so.

Today, I had my first facial in my entire life and it really feels good being pampered. All my life I just can't bring myself to fork out hundreds of Ringgit to purchase the teeny bottles of skincare products that the SAs claim will make my face brighter, fairer, less wrinkles, more hydrated and so on.......... I loooove shopping and I can buy stuff that will ring up my credit card bills to thousands of Ringgit but just not on skincare products. But lately, I have to do more for my face, hence my first facial with Clarins.

I had my facial done at Clarins in Isetan, KLCC. Altogether, there are 8 types of facial treatments (does not include the special treatments) :

1)   Whitening from the Alps (I did this) - Whitening HP treatment
2)   Truly Matte from Mogok - Truly Matte treatment
3)   Hydration from Madagascar - Thirst Quenching treatment
4)   Light from Maori - Renew-Plus treatment
5)   Extra-Firming from Bavaria - Extra-FirmingYouthful treatment
6)   Extreme Youth from Kyoto - Super Restorative treatment
7)   Comfort from Palenque - Ultra Gentle treatment
8)   Whitening RenewPlus from the Apls

The facial treatments (1) to (7) cost RM135 for each 45 minutes session. Treatment (8) costs RM260 for a 65 minutes session. 

For a first timer like me, the beautician will ask a couple of questions to know more about my skin type and skin care routine. She then proceeded to do a skin analysis. After the analysis, she recommended that I do the Whitening from the Alps treatment. I was given a 50% discount for my first tryout of Clarins facial treatment - it costs me RM68.00.

Clarins have 2 other type of treatments - body treatments and special treatments.

I did one of the special treatment - Luminuous Eyes costing RM55 for a 15 minutes session (I find this a bit on the pricier side or is this the normal price to pay ?).

The 2 treatments lasted 1 hour and it was a wonderful experience. My face felt hydrated and I was well taken care of.

Isetan is having an ongoing promotion up to 4th October 2009 - for every 5 facial treatments signed up, 3 FREE facial treatments will be given. So all you have to pay is RM675.00 for 8 treatments, working out to about RM85.00 per session. I'm giving my face a few days before deciding to sign up for the promotion package. But on the other hand, I also want to buy a Longchamp bag. Which do you think I should choose - beauty or bag ?

Guest Swatcher in BeautySwatch.com

I'm so excited as I have just been informed by Akisa that I have been included as a guest swatcher in BeautySwatch for my Anna Sui nail polish swatches. To think that my swatches are featured on the same blog as Akisa, Fuzkittie and Jamilla - it is sooo unbelievable !!!

There will be a happy smile on my face when I go to bed later. : ))

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Anna Sui Nail Polish Swatches

In my earlier post, I mentioned that I have a small collection of Anna Sui nail polishes. I have decided to do a review/swatch of all of them. In this review, I have swatched all of them in its own colour to show you how the original colour looks like. You can also layer the colours (which I normally do) and create pretty nail art/nail polishes eventhough you can't paint flowers and whatnots on your nails.

Anna Sui Nail Art Color N170

Anna Sui Nail Color N201

Anna Sui Nail Art Color N703

Anna Sui Nail Art Color N303

Anna Sui Nail Art Color N603

Anna Sui Nail Art Color N205

Anna Sui Nail Art Color N004

Anna Sui Nail Art Color N308

Hope you like my swatches of the Anna Sui nail polishes. Go get them !!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Obsession With Making Jewelry Continues

I am the type of person that if "the wind" blows north, it is a like a tornado that will eventually ends and if I find a new obsession "the wind" will blow south and so on.

I have made some more new jewelry (still quite amateurish) over the past few days and even managed to make a couple of sales. My hubby is so kind and supportive to bring some to his office and he did some sales for me. I even got a few custom made orders from my colleagues. Feeling very happy and a sense of achievement.

All the crystals and pearls that I use are of Swarovski brand. They are a joy to work with as they are so shining. The pictures taken just do not do them justice.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Join Plusizekitten Nail Art Contest

My first thought when I saw the contest being hosted by Miu of Plusizekitten is I want to join to win the fantastic price of an Anna Sui Nail Art Sticker & Dolly Girl Lil Startlet Nail Polish worth RM80 above for the best Plusizekitten Nail Art design. But, I then remembered I just cut my nails really short as I'm currently into my jewelry making obsession.

For those who are good in nail art, this is a golden opportunity to try and win the "to die for" Anna Sui nail polish. I have a small collection of Anna Sui nail polish myself and they are truly lovely and pretty. I always get compliments whenever I used them. I will layer them and they look amazing.

How You Can Enter?

1.  Only followers of her blog are allowed to participate

2.  You will need to blog about this contest as part of your entry

3.  Leave a comment here with your blog link, follower id & email address

4.  Post a picture of your nail art along with nail polishes/etc used on your blog and let her know again by leaving a comment in there.

If you're not a blogger, you can leave a comment there notifying that you have email her your entry and details along with a picture of your nail art. Strictly for non-bloggers only. Kindly leave your follower id name/tag so that she can verify that you're a reader of her blog.

If you're shy (like me : ) ), you can blog about it and leave your link, follower id and email there for her to check your blog. A lucky draw will be held for the lucky blogger who blogged about this contest. The price - a mini nail polish from OPI (yay!!)

Terms & Conditions

1.  contest starts today 18/9/09 and ends 25/9/09.

2.  must be pink nail polish as base

3.  freestyle, just impress her :)

4.  all entry pictures will be used on her blog

5.  this contest is only for followers of her blog

6.  the lucky draw will be done online using a random winner selector

7.  entries of the nail art designs will be posted on her blog for voting!

So gals and (guys ?), what are you waiting for. GO FOR IT !!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mini Toy Museum

There is a toy museum located in Penang where the owner has a huuuuuuge collection of toys and is a haven for both kids and adults alike.

My son loves the place, we went there 2 days consecutively. He told me he wants to have a toy museum of his own (??) and charge a fee just like that of the Toy Museum in Penang.

Actually, without him realising it, he already has a mini toy museum in his own house. You just can't believe the amount of toys he has - courtesy of his parents, grandparents and relatives.

He has Transformers, Power Rangers, Ultraman, Thomas the tank engine, Hot Wheels mini cars, the Cars characters......

I actually dare not think or calculate the amount of money we had spent just on these toys. I'm sure it's more than the cost of a motorbike : (