Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Skincare Routine

Upto the age of 40, I never use skincare products except for my Vitamin E moisturiser by The Body Shop and my facial cleanser (multiple brands used). Maybe because my skin was reasonably OK (as said by some of my friends - "glowing" they say). However, recently I have noticed that there are a lot of tiny spots on my face (Aargh!!!). Pigmentation due to old age !!! I have started using some skincare products (anti-aging) to battle it out with these spots. I then realised that skincare products cost a BOMB !!! It is getting very difficult to be a woman - it costs money from head to toe. We always need to :

1)   colour our hair
2)   hair treatment
3)   hair cut and/or perm by professionals
4)   facials
5)   whole bunch of facial products (skincare)
6)   never ending purchase of make-up
7)   always needing new clothes/bags/shoes even with a cupboard full
8)   accessories
9)   body scrubs/lotions
10) spas
11)  manicure & pedicure

Is that all................................. !!!?????

It is quite difficult for me to get used to having to do my new skincare routine as previously, I just go to sleep without any moisturiser. I don't ever use sunblock on my face, no toner, no serum, no cleansing oil, nothing at all. Hmm... how come I still cannot save money since I saved so much not buying skincare products for so many years ???

These 2 items were what I used before turning 40.

These are all the items I'm using after turning 40. These are just on my face !!! I must take a complete family album of all my "family members" when the lighting is better - hair products, facial products, makeup, body products and my nail polish collection (did I forget anything ??)

It is really hard work being a woman but it is so exciting having millions and one things to play with.