Monday, September 14, 2009

Thinking (Dreaming) of Longchamp Le Pliage

I have been thinking of getting myself a new handbag for some time now. Went to MidValley Megamall during the weekend and brought hubby to Coach. Showed him the handbag(s) that I liked. One cost RM700 and the other, RM1,500. He was shocked at the prices and started asking me whether I needed a new handbag and why don't we buy a new TV instead. Huh ! Men !! What do they know :( They looked similar to the ones below.
I then went into Longchamp boutique and saw something I liked (I have many needs and wants :)). This handbag - Longchamp Le Pliage, cost a lot less than the Coach ones and seems more practical. What do you think ? Which do you think I should get ?