Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Clarins Treatments

Ever since I entered into the 40's age group, I have been extremely concerned about my skincare routine. Mentally, I do not feel like I'm in my 40's, therefore physically, I do not wish to look so.

Today, I had my first facial in my entire life and it really feels good being pampered. All my life I just can't bring myself to fork out hundreds of Ringgit to purchase the teeny bottles of skincare products that the SAs claim will make my face brighter, fairer, less wrinkles, more hydrated and so on.......... I loooove shopping and I can buy stuff that will ring up my credit card bills to thousands of Ringgit but just not on skincare products. But lately, I have to do more for my face, hence my first facial with Clarins.

I had my facial done at Clarins in Isetan, KLCC. Altogether, there are 8 types of facial treatments (does not include the special treatments) :

1)   Whitening from the Alps (I did this) - Whitening HP treatment
2)   Truly Matte from Mogok - Truly Matte treatment
3)   Hydration from Madagascar - Thirst Quenching treatment
4)   Light from Maori - Renew-Plus treatment
5)   Extra-Firming from Bavaria - Extra-FirmingYouthful treatment
6)   Extreme Youth from Kyoto - Super Restorative treatment
7)   Comfort from Palenque - Ultra Gentle treatment
8)   Whitening RenewPlus from the Apls

The facial treatments (1) to (7) cost RM135 for each 45 minutes session. Treatment (8) costs RM260 for a 65 minutes session. 

For a first timer like me, the beautician will ask a couple of questions to know more about my skin type and skin care routine. She then proceeded to do a skin analysis. After the analysis, she recommended that I do the Whitening from the Alps treatment. I was given a 50% discount for my first tryout of Clarins facial treatment - it costs me RM68.00.

Clarins have 2 other type of treatments - body treatments and special treatments.

I did one of the special treatment - Luminuous Eyes costing RM55 for a 15 minutes session (I find this a bit on the pricier side or is this the normal price to pay ?).

The 2 treatments lasted 1 hour and it was a wonderful experience. My face felt hydrated and I was well taken care of.

Isetan is having an ongoing promotion up to 4th October 2009 - for every 5 facial treatments signed up, 3 FREE facial treatments will be given. So all you have to pay is RM675.00 for 8 treatments, working out to about RM85.00 per session. I'm giving my face a few days before deciding to sign up for the promotion package. But on the other hand, I also want to buy a Longchamp bag. Which do you think I should choose - beauty or bag ?