Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jewelry Making Obsession

I am MAD. Mad about making jewelry that is. After watching some jewelry making tutorials on youtube, I went to a beads shop to get myself some materials and tools. Armed myself with some tools and beads, pearls and crystals, I got down to making some jewelry. It was not as easy as I thought. After some chipped nails and aching fingers, I managed a few pieces. It can get pretty addictive and I can just sit down at my dining table making and making these amateurish pieces.
My muti-coloured stones bracelet. Quite OK-lah.

I also made some Swarovski red siam heart and pearl necklace and bracelet set. It was extremely fun and satisfying making this set as they turned out "reasonably" well :)
The Swarovski red siam heart and pearl bracelet.

The Swarovski red siam and pearl necklace.

Actually, I still have some materials left. Must think of other pieces to make. What do you think - can I quit my day job entirely and do this for a living ? Will anybody buy from me ???