Sunday, September 13, 2009

DSK Jewelry

A few months ago, I happened to view a blogger - Bubbi, with her DSK necklace called Bubbi's necklace. I then googled for DSK Jewelry and I fell in love instantly with all the jewelry made by Steph of DSK Jewelry. I had to get some for myself eventhough she is at the other end of the world - USA. These are the pieces that I got from her, but the photos just do not do them justice. Must really improve my photo taking skills. They are so blindingly shiny and I will just look at myself wearing the necklaces whenever I see a mirror (so vain :>).

My favourite piece - jet black 14mm heart and silver shadow pegasus

Clear AB and light rose flowers pendants

Clear AB 14mm heart and purple haze 10mm heart

I love to wear the clear AB 14mm on its own as it can really brighten up my whole outfit, eventhough you cannot see how shiny the pendant is. Steph has many other fantastic pieces and I can drool for hours just looking at the pieces.