Friday, September 25, 2009

After Sales Service

We often hear that some SAs give fantastic service, some so-so and others not so (lousy in fact). But all these normally happens during the time when you want to make a purchase. I am always very particular about the service I get when I am purchasing something. These are some of the characteristics of the SAs that irk and irritate me :
(1)   Being pushy
(2)   Following me around the shop practically breathing down my neck
(3)   Behaving like the SA in the movie "The Pretty Woman"

Any of the above characteristics will get me out of the shop in a jiffy.

So when I purchased from this particular SA - CY in Shu Uemura, Parkson - KLCC, the service I got was very good. He was neither (1) to (3) above. All my questions (they were many as I want my hard earned money's worth) were answered well and patiently. With my purchase I became a member of Shu Uemura which entitled me to some complimentary eyebrow trimming, makeover, lash atelier workshop and eye atelier workshop. Happy with my purchase and service I got, I proceeded to tell my friends of the product.

Today, so happened I was there, I dropped by at the counter thinking of redeeming one of the complimentary eyebrow trimming. There were 2 SAs there, one of them the SA - CY, that I purchased my products from. I approached the other SA as CY was attending to some customers. I was told to wait for CY. I thought OK as he was already at the cashier paying for the customer. When he came back, he informed me that he has an appointment that he has to go. I said OK, I can get the other SA (who is just standing around and not attending to any customer at all) to do the trimming for me. He said no, the SA that sold the products to me must be the one doing it. I went like "Huh ?" I asked what if you resigned, does this mean my complimentary trimmings and makeovers are void. He said that he will always be there and said sorry but he can't do it for me as he is rushing out.

Ok......... I then proceeded to Parkson's Customer Service and asked for the Floor Manager in charge of the cosmetics and fragrances floor. I think her name was Sharina (I'm sorry if I got it wrong). She was really helpful and understanding. She told me she did not know that Shu Uemura has such a "policy". Apparently, when she approached the other SA there, she said it was the boss' instructions. I was further informed that she will take action to ensure such matters do not occur again. She then asked me whether I wanted to do my eyebrow trimming then - I pondered........ what if out of anger the SA shaved off my eyebrows ????

Now, I'm not sure whether I want to redeem the rest of the trimmings and makeovers (in fact I have not redeem a single one).