Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mini Toy Museum

There is a toy museum located in Penang where the owner has a huuuuuuge collection of toys and is a haven for both kids and adults alike.

My son loves the place, we went there 2 days consecutively. He told me he wants to have a toy museum of his own (??) and charge a fee just like that of the Toy Museum in Penang.

Actually, without him realising it, he already has a mini toy museum in his own house. You just can't believe the amount of toys he has - courtesy of his parents, grandparents and relatives.

He has Transformers, Power Rangers, Ultraman, Thomas the tank engine, Hot Wheels mini cars, the Cars characters......

I actually dare not think or calculate the amount of money we had spent just on these toys. I'm sure it's more than the cost of a motorbike : (