Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Morning Blues

Every morning, I get waken up by an eight year old boy at 5:20am. He will proceed to come into my room and said "Good Morning, Mummy and Papa !!!". The Papa will get up and the Mummy will mumble "Good Morning" but still lying down with eyes closed.

The boy will then brush his teeth and get himself showered and shouted "Mummy !!! Time to wake uuuuup !!! The Mummy will grunt Ummm! but still lying down on the bed. After another 10 minutes, I drag myself from my bed to go downstairs. If I do not do so, I will hear a little voice again "Mummy !!!"

I then prepare my prince's breakfast, placed them on the table and plomp myself on the couch again. After getting dressed in his school uniform, he'll tell his Papa "I give you 5 minutes to pass motion, 5 minutes to shower and 5 minutes to get dressed and you must come down at 6:15am". When all this is happening, I'm still lying down on my couch. My son will then rush his Papa and said "Papa, I'm going to be late for school !!!" (huh ? late for school at 6:20am).

Both will be out of the house at 6:25am and I have the whole house to myself and finally wakes up at 7:00am (happiness......).

This is the root of my problem.........
My son's alarm clock