Friday, October 2, 2009

Jewelry For Sale

I have been on a jewelry making rampage these couple of weeks. I've really, really enjoyed myself making these jewelry as they are kinda therapeutic other than my other treatment - retail theraphy : )

Anyhow, I'm thinking of putting up some of my jewelry for sale. If you like anyone of them, please feel free to email me (email address at the right hand side).

6" Swarovski white pearl bracelet

6" Swarovski white pearl and leaf bracelet

6.5" Swarovski pearl, purple heart, clear & clear AB crystal bracelet

6" Swarovski white pearl (big) bracelet

6.5" Swarovski white pearl (small) bracelet

20" Swarovski white pearl & clear crystal necklace

16" green & white stone necklace

16" Swarovski clear flower crystal & shell leaf necklace

16" Swarovski Golden Shadow & clear teardrop crystal necklace

16" green & orange stone necklace

Orange stone & Swarovski topaz teardrop crystal trinket

Swarovski pearl, clear & clear AB heart crystals trinket

Swarovski white pearl & Jonquil flower crystal trinket

Orange & black stone trinket

That is about all for now. Hope some of you guys like them.