Sunday, January 24, 2010

Konad Nail Art

Recently, I bought some Konad nail art gadgets as I was curious to see how it will turn out. It was not as easy as it looks on the nail blogs that I read. I thought that I would not have any problems doing the nail art. How difficult can it be, put some nail polish on the pattern plate, scrape the excess polish off, put the stamp on the pattern then transfer the pattern onto your nails. Easy, right ? WRONG !!! It was sooooooo difficult. I had to do so many times and the end result......... well you be the judge of it.

My First Attempt At Konad Nail Art

Nail Polish and Gadgets

Oops ! I forgot to take a picture of my Anna Sui blue nail polish which I used instead of the Konad special nail polish. According to the SA of Etude House (where I bought the Konad nail art gadgets), I can use a normal nail polish instead of the special Konad nail polish. The verdict : I think I have to hunt for the special Konad nail polish. I can't even see the print on my nails using ordinary nail polish  : (

Anyways, hopefully with more practice I will get better at it.